Laurie Prince | Biography
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About Laurie Prince

Laurie Prince wrote as a child at an antique secretary in her rural North Carolina bedroom. Rhymed verse eventually gave way to classroom confusion over modern poetry at Duke University. Despite this setback, she earned a B.A. with honors in English literature from Trinity College at Duke.

Laurie Prince

Photo Credit: Ashley Sellner

Since her mid-twenties she’s free-lanced as a writer and editor, working mainly for local and regional magazines. She’s covered many topics, from education and real estate to interior design and gardens. A midlife crisis led to an exploration of artistic opportunities, which taught her the meaning of “starving artist.”

 Returning to words, she occasionally opted for steady jobs, including editorial positions at Charlotte magazine. At Charlotte Home + Garden, she found her voice with editor’s notes, which led to a column in Charlotte magazine. She wrote about things on her mind, from tea parties to race conversations with black colleagues. Awards followed, including the national Clarion Award in 2009, given by the Association for Women in Communications. 

She’s married to Phil Prince, a Southerner who unfortunately lived in New Jersey from the ages of six to fourteen while his dad worked in Manhattan. He’s recovering. Their blended family includes five adult children. Laurie and Phil live on several acres outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, where they have become intimately acquainted with kudzu, black snakes, and roses blooming in May; croquet at dusk, creeks with blue herons, and the neighbor’s thieving dog; storms that bring down oak trees and bees that bore holes in barns.